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The long term objectives of the chair are

  • I. To promote an integrated interdisciplinary system of research, information and development activities in the fields of ophiolite and geodynamics of oceanic crust at an international level.
  • II. To promote community development and capacity building in geoscience subjects through education and high level training focusing on geosciences, oceanic crust and geodynamics with traditional curricula and distance learning. 
  • III. To enhance opportunities to develop educational networks and information exchange in understanding ophiolite and oceanic crust geodynamic.
  • IV. To implement scientific and thematic workshops and meetings focusing on ocean crust and geodynamics towards interested stakeholders from both Oman and other countries and to enhance the knowledge of participants  

The Specific objectives includes

  • I.To develop common research projects and strengthen links with partners.
  • II.To foster advanced research, facilitate the exchange of scientists, and increase the availability of outstanding specialists.
  • III.To train students and technicians at the university with modern research and management principles in the fields of geoscience studies.
  • IV.To exchange and disseminate scientific knowledge and information between institutions about ophiolite research.