Training of students:



1. Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery: Biosurfactant Optimization of Bacilli isolates (Muna Al-Jabri, 2009).
2. Studies on Bacilli and biosurfactant (Amira Al-Zadjali, 2009). 
3. Bacillus species from oil contaminated soil and their ability for enhancement of oil recovery (Aida Al-Lawatia, 2009). 
4. Biosurfactants of Pseudomonas spp. from oil-contaminated soil and Water (Amira Al-Zidjali. 2009). 
5. Microbial enhanced oil recovery by bacillus byproduct using date molasses (Hind Al-Makhmari, 2010). 
6. Potential of biosurfactant produced by Bacillus sp., for MEOR: An optimization study using defined media (Asma Al-Bahri, 2010).
7. Isolation Of Biosurfactant and Biopolymer Producing Microorganisms from Oman, Summer project, (Ahmed Al-Aasmi, Bashir Al-Maqbali, Mohamed Al-Ghammari, Said Al-Jamoudi, Ahmed Al-kindi, 2010).
8. Potential of Leuconostoc bacteria biopolymer for MEOR Applications (Amjaad Nasser Al-shukri, 2012).
9. Bioagumentation of oil-polluted soils in the Sultanate of Oman (Fatema Ali Al-Magrashi, 2011).
10. Production of Sophorolipids from Candida bombicola ATCC 22214 and Its Potential Application in Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery (Dua'a Yousif Al-Moqbali, 2013).
11. Enhancement of Oil Recovery by Aureobasidium pullulans (Abeer Al-Saadi. 2013).
12. Studies of Scizophyllum commune biopolymer for enhanced oil for enhanced oil recovery (Walaa Y Al-Mugbali, 2013).


13. Screening for MEOR microbes and their products from Wafra wells (Ratiba Al-Maaini, 2009).
14. Experimental investigation of enhancing oil Recovery in simulated fractured carbonate rocks by selective plugging of microbial biomass. (Rayah Rashid Al-Hattali, 2011).
15. The enzyme enhanced heavy oil recovery using Bacillus in Oman (Belquees Said Al-Hinai, 2011).
16. Molecular screening and characterization of lichenysin and surfactin genes from enhancing oil recovery Bacillus species (Asma Khamis Mohamed Al-Bahri, 2013). 
17. Biosurfactant Based Enhanced Oil Recovery Economics (Maissa Sassi, 2013).


18. Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery and its potential application in Omani oil field. (Hanaa Salim Al-Sulaimani, PhD 2011).

19. Identification and characterization of potential spore-forming bacteria for enhanced oil recovery, PhD Student (Biji Shibulal, 2012). 
20. The potential of spore forming bacteria for microbial enhanced heavy oil recovery, PhD Student (Abdullah al-Saigh, 2013).