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The Charter of Sultan Qaboos University promulgated by Royal Decree No. (71/2006) identifies three broad research objectives. These are to:

(1) Conduct basic and applied research and studies for the benefit of society, in particular to seek scientific and practical solutions for economic and social problems.

(2) Relate research and studies to the overall development plans and the future vision of the Omani society in general.

(3) Prepare generations of Omani researchers, experts and scientists in various branches of science, arts and humanities, who are capable of systematic creative work.

These Regulations supersede the March 2001 “Guidelines for Research Grants, Contracts and Consulting”. They are intended to administer funded research and consultancy activities at Sultan Qaboos University, in line with the University’s Mission and its long-term Vision for Research and Community Services. Terms and responsibilities of the various stakeholders are clarified to avoid misinterpretation of the terminology and to ensure that the required processes of research and consultancy activities are properly defined. The Deputy Vice Chancellor for Postgraduate Studies & Research (DVC PSR) is responsible for the implementation of these regulations and procedures.


SQU aspires to be a regional research leader, recognised internationally.


The research mission of SQU is to develop a research culture and capacity, generate knowledge and find solutions for strategic issues in Oman.

Core Goals

The University houses the highest concentration of qualified people and the greatest diversity of advanced research facilities in the Sultanate. Promoting research activities at the University will develop local know-how that is most capable of addressing problems unique to the Sultanate or the Region. The policies and procedures stated in this document are to provide a framework for research projects in the University, while meeting the six core goals as defined in the University research strategy:

1) To develop a vibrant research culture at SQU by creating an enabling academic environment. Research will be strongly supported by flexible management and good infrastructure. Increased research funding from external sources, including contracts and consultancies and a transparent and equitable system for distributing internal funds are essential.

2) To build capacity through training, postgraduate programs, development of research teams and exchange of visiting scholars. In this, strong PhD programs are essential as well as a commitment to staff development and international exchange.

3) To encourage academic excellence in the humanities and the basic and applied sciences, building on recognised strengths and expanding international links and cooperation. This will increase the pool of outstanding researchers and also invigorate undergraduate and postgraduate teaching.

4) To address Oman's strategic needs by focusing on key areas of national interest. In doing this, partnerships will be developed with the Research Council and relevant stakeholders to generate and apply knowledge.

5) To pursue interdisciplinary research that will develop holistic solutions to national and global challenges/problems. This will enable individuals to form teams to address problems that cross disciplinary boundaries. It will also enhance research networking and collaboration nationally and internationally.

6) To promote innovation by encouraging and protecting intellectual property development, effective technology and knowledge transfer and partnerships with the private and public sectors to fully harness the commercial potential of research at SQU. 

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